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"Raw material"

Abb. 1: This is the skip kit

The kits from Lokführer Lukas are mainly done in polystyrene (PS), the tipping through is made from resine. It is easy to build the frame with the nails provided for coupling inserted in the holes of one of the flat frame parts (without glueing). So the thicker frame part can be placed correctly by mounting it over the nails. Then both parts can be glued together. Now a piece of 3mmx3mm brass has to be glued into the frame as lengthwise beam (it was missing in my kits but it is easy to get one at a shop for modelling or architectural modelling) and the "sandwich" is finished by sticking the second thin frame part on the top. With a little luck the nails used for placing the three parts of the frame are not glued to the frame and can be taken out without force.

The next step is to stick the four axle supports to the frame. Because of noses at the frame this is no real problem. Differing from the kit and the instructions I now drilled to holes per axle support and inserted pins cut to lenght (not easy to describe, but it can be seen in the photos of the finished skip) to produce the joint between frame and axle supports. The last step was glueing the nails into the frame for coupling – further frames will get coupling made from pins, too – I hope that coupling is easier with the thinner pins. Instead of the axles provided (standard TRIX) I used RP25 axles from Luck Feinmechanik.

The body

For the skips body only the two mounts for the tipping through have to be glued to the frame ... ready.

Colouring and weathering

I started painting the frame and tipping through in a bright gray – this shluld be the colour of the new skip. Weathering is done with instant iron and instant rust from Modern Options and finished with colour powders. Unfortunately the skip looks kind of spotted – painting with a darker gray or even "rusty" paint like that at the tank car would have been better ... you never stop learning!

Abb. 2: The finished skip

Abb. 3: Skip and tank car

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